Changes, Changes, Changes

Change… nobody likes them much except when they makes things more awesome and we’re about to make some changes to the UrlyBits network that we feel will make the network a better place.

First off we’re cutting the fat. Over the next few weeks we’re planning to roll Get In Mah Belly, Utterly Cute and Unscrwed into Is Viral.┬áThe reasons for this are many, but boil down to some very simple things.

  • Is Viral already had similar content and existing sections to much of what is on the other sites before they were rolled out, and we feel it would be better to roll it all back together for the user experience.
  • A lot of what gets posted to the other sites is of lower quality than the bigger sites because we’re getting the content AFTER the bigger sites have been done. This means that you guys are getting a poorer experience and less LOLs. Less posts (more than Is Viral currently post but less than all 4 combined) on a daily basis should give you guys a far better experience.
  • Consolidation – the simple fact is that it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to to maintain and find content for 7 sites every day and that is hurting the user experience. Cutting down to 4 will make my life easier, free me up to do cool new things with the sites and give you guys a better more unified experience.

We’re going to start by posting the content to Is Viral until the integration is complete, so new posts won’t be going on the other sites and after a while visiting th